Run Workflows triggered by a GitHub Action


I have two workflows:

  1. A release workflow, creating a git tag / GitHub release for each commit merged into my main branch.
  2. A publish workflow, building and pushing a docker image whenever a tag is created.

The second workflow does not run, as it is triggered by a GitHub action.

Is there a way to force the second workflow to run?


I assume the issue is that the first workflow pushes the tag using GITHUB_TOKEN? The direct route would be to use a PAT for the Git push operation instead, in that case the second workflow should run.

You might also be able to use a workflow_run event to start the second workflow, but in that case you need to somehow figure out which new tag has been created, assuming the name matters, so this approach might be more complicated.

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I use the docker meta action, so the whole point is having a tag event.

Thanks for the pointer though!

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This is what I ended up doing. Thank you!

Edit: Anyone with a similar issue should probably read this as well: Action does not trigger another on push tag action

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