Run workflow after pushing changes to a PR

One of my workflows is set to run like this

    types: [review_requested, edited]

The workflow runs correctly after I request a review on the PR.

However, when I need to fix something on the PR, make the necessary changes locally and push it to remote, the workflow is not triggered.
I searched in the documentation for when the edited type is triggered and it seems it should be triggered in this situation, or am I missing something?

Hi Peter,

If you make some changes to the files(eg: resolve conflicts), push to github, please use type ‘synchronize ’ for pull request to trigger the workflow, it works on my side, code as below:

name: Pull request check



    types: [synchronize]

For type ‘edited’, I tried to use rest api locally to update Pull request(please refer to, it’s successful to trigger the workflow.

Checked the pull request content from API result, you will find the file update/new commit is not included.


Ok thanks!

So type ‘edited’ is only triggered when updating PR title, body, state or base?

Yes, the ‘edited’ type is triggered when updating PR itself, including title, body, state, base, and other stuff.

Details we can check the PR content from API result for confirmation, thanks.