Run Github Action but don't report as a Check

I’m using the labeler action to automatically label PR’s.
When the labeler finishes it reports itself as a “check” which makes the PR to have the green checkmark that says all checks passed.

The problem is the sometimes this green checkmark appears before other checks have even been reported, so the PR seems ok even if some check will fail in the future.

Is it possible to run the labeler without it reporting as a check?

Hi @yogevyuval,

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I tried the actions/labeler@v2 with a PR, but cannot reproduce the issue. Please check my PR here.
If labeler actions checkrun succeeds, but any other checkruns failed, the pull request will be failed too.

Does your failed check come from Github actions or other platform? Could you please share the pull request then it could be more clear for further investigation?


Hi @weide-zhou

To make things clear:
I have 2 statuses in total, the labler, and another check from an external platform. The problem is the the external platform status has a delay and in appears even in the “Pending” state only some time after the labeler had already finished.

In this state the PR have the green checkmark and a developer can thing that everything passed and merge. If he would wait just a bit more the new status will be available.

My question is is there a way that the labeler will not appear as a status to prevent that issue, or maybe to define the number of required statuses beforehand…

Hi @yogevyuval,

Thanks for your reply!

It cannot be prevented.

Which external platform does the check come from?
Please try to create a branch protected rule, select the check as required status check, and requires all checks pass before merging.