Run failing - Invalid workflow file

This is my first foray into action and I’ve been staring at this for hours now and can’t figure out why this workflow is failing. I’ve double and triple-checked with other online examples and it seems like I’m compliant. Can anyone that has experience with actions help me figure out what I’m missing please?

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There are indentation problems in your workflow. In YAML indentation determines structure, like in Python. Your name, uses, and with settings need to be part of the same object (the step), so they must be on the same indentation level. Same for name and run in the steps below, like so:

- name: Use node
  uses: actions/setup-node@v2
    node-version: '12.13.0'
    check-latest: true
- name: Install dependencies
  run: npm ci

@airtower-luna That indeed did the trick. Prettier formatting the file also was not helping. Thank you so much.

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