Run duration displays a time much longer than the sum of the displayed time for all steps

I have a workflow that says it took 6m 40s to run but when I add up the duration of all the steps in the run it amounts to 42s.

Once actions becomes a paid solution this will become a problem if we’re getting charged for the longer duration.


Hi @anthonator ,

Run duration is the workflow execution time which may be different than the billed time.

During the workflow run, it will take some time to execute some pre-jobs before executing all the custom jobs, and some post-jobs after all the custom jobs completed.

The pre-jobs and post-jobs are not visible from the workflow steps view, but the time of them will be counted in the Run duration.



My workflow duration here is sometimes 5 minutes longer than the build time. Which one is taken into account for calculating free/paid time limits?

Wouldn’t it be more relevant to display build duration instead of run duration on the Actions page of the repo?

Also, where can I check the public repo Actions quotas? It seems only private repos quotas are displayed.


Window 000218.png

Window 000219.png

Window 000220.png


Have been wondering this as well, have you gotten an answer yet?