Run actions on PRs against branches

I have several interdependent PRs up right now, and the only way to make them reviewable is to make each one have the previous one as its base. Which is a little weird-looking (it looks like we’re trying to merge one topic branch into another) but it works.

Except, of course, that actions won’t run because because only PRs against the default branch ever have their actions run. Is there any way around this limitation? Or any other way to have PRs that depend on each other (while still having useful diffs for reviewing)?

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What on: trigger do you use in your workflow?

Ah, I see by “limitation” I meant “I hadn’t read up on anything” … once I found out that running actions on conflicted PRs isn’t a thing I kind of jumped to “no, you can’t have nice things.”

(Which is to say, we had on: pull_request: branches: <our default branch> which could be on: pull_request: branches: *.)

You can also do


(without anything)

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