Run actions in a container with guaranteed CPU

In the upstream Prometheus and Thanos projects we want to run some short function benchmarks in a Github actions and wondering if you could an an option to run an action in a container with a guratanteed CPU.

We already run some tests and at the moment running the same benchmark in the same step has quite inconsistent results. For example sometimes it will take 5 sec to complete a bench tests and others it will take 6sec which is a big difference and can’t rely on the results.


Hi @krasi-georgiev ,

The container will run any steps in a job that don’t already specify a container, and container options

 support cpu options like below, please refer to offical doc for more details.

      image: node:10.16-jessie
        NODE_ENV: development
        - 80
        - my_docker_volume:/volume_mount
      options: --cpus 1


What if we don’t run inside a container ? Can I specify this option ?


- name: launch tests
  run: go test .
  options: --cpus 4

Just to clarify that using the suggested option didn’t change anything and the CPU time is not dedicated.

Look at the bench  results here

open the print logs step and look at the test called BenchmarkRangeQuery/expr=holt\_winters(a\_hundred[1d],\_0.3,\_0.3),steps=1000-2 sometime it takes 5985624324ns and sometimes 6334650167ns which is like 4sec different.

When we run the same test on a dedicated machine there is no difference at all and on GKE only 1% diff which is ok.

It seems that you don’t provide any CPU isolation neither for VMs or docker containers. So please take this issue as a feature request to add this as an option.

Hi @nevill , no, you cannot. You can set it as env and invoke it in command as an alternative.

Hi @krasi-georgiev , according to policy, please raise your request here where github product manager will take a review.


Sure will do, but am I correct in the assumption that there is no way to requests dedicated CPU time with the current GH actions?

Hi @krasi-georgiev ,

All the docker create related options are listed here, looks there’s no option to request a ‘delicated CPU time’.

Since it’s fine on your dedicated machine, it’s recommeded to set it as local self-hosted runner instead. In the meanwhile, you can raise a feature_request ticket.


I have requested it as a feature. Thanks

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Another approach is to use Cachegrind, which simulates a CPU and gives you an instruction count for your program, so it can give consistent results across multiple CI runs. SQLite uses this technique for performance benchmarking (

I wrote an article explaining this in far more detail, if you’re interested:

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