Run a Workflow in Github Actions

I am trying to run a workflow but the icon for running the workflow is not available to me. I assume this is some kind of setting that can be changed. Any ideas?

Does your workflow have a workflow_dispatch trigger? The button won’t appear otherwise.

In addition to needing the workflow_dispatch trigger, also you need to make sure you have pushed the workflow file to the main branch initially. Otherwise the button won’t show.

Yes I have workflow_dipatch trigger. The github desktop doesn’t allow me to clone the repository. So I can’t use the user manual describing creating a new branch and pushing it to the main branch. Is there are way to do this in the web browser vew?
Is this a problem with security access settings from the creator?

You should be able to edit workflow files with the web editor, and merge them via a PR like any other file.

If you tried to clone the repository and that failed I highly recommend sorting out that problem though, using Git locally is a lot more powerful than the web interface.