Ruby/Sinatra Files with Atom

Hey, so I am having some trouble with using Ruby and Sinatra with atom. I can’t open the erb files. Can someone explain what is happening?

Hi @abareyellow,

Are you getting any error messages? Is there any other information that you can provide about the context of your problem such as the operating system you’re on, whether the files are yours or ones that you’ve downloaded, and what you’re trying to accomplish in general?


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In addtion to @that-pat’s questions, can you also confirm if you have the same problem in safe mode?

And it would also be helpful to know what version of Atom you’re running (atom -v).

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I am trying to create a website with Ruby and Sinatra. I am not using HTML files. I am using embedded Ruby files.

Sorry to ask, How do you do that?

@abareyellow, Are you getting any errors? Can you describe what happens when you try to open these files? The more information that you can give us, the easier it will be to help troubleshoot the issue.

No problem - it depends on what operating system you’re running but from Windows you can do it from cmd.exe or PowerShell, and on macOS you can use Terminal.  In either case, start Atom with the “–safe” flag like this:

atom --safe

And that will run Atom in safe mode as described in the link I shared.

You can also run this command to get the Atom version:

atom -v

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