RSS feeds for new Apps on Github

Hi there,
I’ve just read a few most recent topics with word RSS in their title, but still somehow miss to understand what is the best way to subscribe to Github’s newsline that will highlight new apps that have been shared through GitHub. As an amateur user I would specifically target apps that are free and verified.

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Could you explain more about the specific information you are trying to be notified about? What does “free and verified” mean? This may help the community recommend a service that matches your needs.

GitHub uses the Explore page to showcase projects that you may be interested in.

Hi Ernst,

Thanks for coming back to me to clarify my request.

GitHub is a repository of apps. Every week new apps are added to GitHub and older apps are updated by developers. According to the below article, some apps are tagged as verified, the rest are unverified:

Ideally, I’d like to subscribe to GitHub’s RSS/Atom feed in order to get weekly notifications of the new apps added to GitHub. Since all apps can be grouped by topic, I’d love my subscriptions to be adjustable by topic name and status of their verification.

Hope this helps

Hi :wave:

Thanks for clarifying the use case here. We do not have such a service feature for the Marketplace.
However, we’re always working to improve GitHub and the GitHub Support Community, and we consider every suggestion we receive.
Would you mind submitting this through our official product feedback form so that our product team can track your request?