Round clock timer component

I’m looking for a feature. It’s a kind of round analog clock, but I don’t want to show current time. I want it to be a kind of timer which show time left and time passed in different colors. It should have a pointer moving smoothly around the clock leaving different color behind.
I’m working with actionscript, but I think it doesn’t matter, I may adapt this feature from any other language.

Hi @trebuchetosaur,

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Can you please provide more details on what kind of help you are looking for with your project? This will make the community more likely to respond to your post. You may want to also include what you have tried so far.



I think I’ve found the solution. I use drawWedge() function found on this page:

On every timer update I have to add new arc/wedge to the graphic object. Exapmle works anti-clockwise so I have to set negative arcValue to show tradtional clockwise behaviour. 

public function update():void {;
				arcValue -= 3;;