rotary encoder


I created my own keyboard with an Pro Micro by using and everything is working fine. Now I wanted to add a rotary encoder into the matrix. When I connect signal A&B of the encoder to lets say row 1 & 2 and GND to Column 1, the encoder will write AB or BA when rotating counter clockwise.

Can someone help me how I can define volume down and volume up to the Quantum Functions? I assume that the code needs to be added there:

void matrix_init_user(void) {

void matrix_scan_user(void) {

bool process_record_user(uint16_t keycode, keyrecord_t *record) {
return true;

I’m new to this and everything I tried failed.

Thanks in advance

Hi @pyne-85,

Thanks for being here! I’m unfamiliar with what you’re working with, but I can at least try to help you get the help that you need. To start, is the code thatt you’re working on in a public repository? If so, would you mind sharing a link to that file?

Also, I’m not certain what language you’re using in this project. Could you give us a bit of background on those details?