Rookie ? Regarding GitHub Terminology

Hello myFriends,

I’ve recently inherited an existing clients website project and am tasked with managing it for the future. All of a sudden, scripts are timing out all over the place and files won’t upload to the intranet website. I’m new when it comes to building websites via git repositories and am trying to get some assistance on the terminology used by the original developer.

This is what they emailed me:

"The Intranet is an application made with Yii2 Framework, bootstrap 4 and mysql. It is custom.

The application is installed at subdomains folder in the hosting files, all the changes are uploaded via git pull, so if you’re going to do changes over application I recommend you to continue using git, committing, pushing from the local environment and pulling changes on the server via SSH, so you can keep track of the changes and it is easier to upload changes without mistake.

The project is on bitbucket private repository, if you require it I can transfer to you the ownership. You also will have to change the remote repository on the hosting’s server to point to the transferred repository"

I mean I understand about a third of that lol
But any help in deciphering this would be extremely helpful.

Much thanks


Hi, that sounds like you need a general introduction to Git? My recommendation for that is the “Git Book” (all online). Chapter 2 is the most important part, it should explain all the Git-specific terms in the mail you quoted. I hope that helps, and here’s definitely a good place for any follow-up questions you might have. :slightly_smiling_face:

One note though: That all looks like Git terminology, not specifically GitHub. In fact the hoster mentioned in the mail is a competitor to GitHub. :wink:


Thanks for your response. And thanks for clarifying about that other Yii2 framework. I posted this on the completely wrong forum site! Shame shame on me lol. When they mentioned git…I automatically assumed GitHub. But now understanding git as a whole.


Yii2 actually seems to be hosted on GitHub itself, Bitbucket is the one that’s also in the business of code hosting. :wink: