Roll up checkmark objectives throughout issue

Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems as though issues roll up only the OP checked items in the issues summary. Would it be possible to allow checked items in follow on entries as well? Perhaps enabled as a project setting.


That’s right, only task lists in the main post of Issues and PR is tracked for WIP status, any checklists in comments/replies are ignored.

I believe the reason why it was implemented so is because usually the main post is updated as work progresses, and because tasks lists in reply and comments might be independently handled (e.g. the task list could refer to some TBD stuff a collaborator has to do on a dependency before the main task can be fulfilled).

I usually update the main post of an Issue or PR as the discussion and work evolve, adding new tasks as they come along, checking the done tasks, etc.

Bu then, if this feature you propose was implemented as an optional extension of the normal workflow, which can be activated per-repository, via its settings, then why not? I often would have liked this feature to be in place, to keep sub-tasks separate from the main post. I would personally like to be able to turn this feature on and off on a per Issue/PR basis, instead of per project.