Role maintainer and branches


I have a setup where our developers has role “maintainer”. When a develop is on a repo > settings, the menu on the right which had

  • Branches
  • Webhooks
  • etc etc

is gone!? Why? If i switch them to “admin” role then they can see the options

am i missing something?

Hello, @oaigudmundsson :wave:

I don’t believe you’re missing anything here, and all sounds perfectly normal. We mention our breakdown of privileges between roles, here:

Note, that:

  • Merge pull requests on protected branches, even if there are no approving reviews
  • Edit the repository’s default branch
  • Manage webhooks and deploy keys

…are all uniquely admin privileged options.

I presume there is an opportunity here for improvement! Would you mind speaking a bit to your use case, in granting further permissions than what are outlined in the document I linked?


We have 3 roles at the moment:

Admin (owner)
Devs (maintainer)

The main reason for admin is they are able to manage billings, while Devs maintain the repos.
Right now, when you are Devs, you cannot maintain any repos. Since we are devs, it would be correct way to do, no? Admin would be too much, since we devs don’t want to deal with billings


Hey @oaigudmundsson o/

So sorry for letting your reply slip through the cracks a bit! The past few weeks have been bonkers =)

As it stands, the docs are accurate, and the limits you see with the maintain level does not allow your Dev team the ability to perform some specific repository-related tasks.

Though we can definitely appreciate the need to grant the least levels of access for a given role within your Org.

If you have suggestions on improvements to these permission levels, I highly recommend submitting through our form, here:

That will be your best opportunity to submit to our Product team for consideration.

Thank you so much! :bow: