Rich preview links for Whatsapp

Hi everybody, I’m trying to make rich preview work for a Jekyll-site hosted on Github pages. Everything displays fine on, but somehow it doesn’t work when I paste the link into a Whatsapp chat.

Here is for my URL:

and here is the URL:

Would you mind trying this out? Maybe one of you can even tell me what’s wrong.

Seriously, I’m starting to think that no Github Pages display Rich Previews in Whatsapp anymore.

I reset the repo to a state when the Rich Preview still worked (before Jan. 27th) and still the link is not previewed in Whatsapp. Also other Github Pages don’t display a Rich Preview in Whatsapp:

So the question is: Is it a Github Pages issue or a Whatsapp Issue (given that third-party links do display a Rich Preview in Whatsapp)?

I’ll also notify Github Support.

I see that you were able to make it work, can you tell me how?

I’m struggling with the same problem.



Hi, I tried to reply via e-mail yesterday, but it seems that this doesn’t work for this forum…

This was my message:

I don’t really know, why it started to work for me after all (it was working on newer phones before, also on the phone of a Github Staff member).

It might be related to us adding a custom domain to the GH page.

Yesterday it was still working for me, but today I activated https for our custom domain (which is possible since May 1st). Now link previews have stopped working again and even don’t come back when I deactivate https again… :frowning:

Not sure if this is temporal, or whatever…

PS.: In Telegram everything is fine, so maybe WhatsApp is behaving in a weird way… Who knows…

Hey, did anyone figure this out?

I am dealing with the same issue in WhatsApp. My OG tags “Rich Preview Links” are working everywhere (iMessage, FB, Twitter, Skype, etc) and those preview links were previously working in WhatsApp but now it is not.

Not sure what the #$%@ is going on???

Hi @stefanbrand and everyone else!

We took a look and your GitHub Pages site is published as expected. So, if the only place you’re seeing an issue is in Whatsapp, I’d recommend reaching out to them and seeing if they can help from their end. 

Best of luck!

I’ve contacted them and will report back when I’ve heard from them.

@emperyalz@isjainPlease also contact them.

I think Whatsapp makes it’s own cache of Rich Previews.

I drastically changed the title and it keeps showing the previews version.

When I changed the project name in Github (and therefore the URL), it was updated. :smiley: