Rhythm game assistance?

i need assistance learning how to make a html,js,json and css (web) rhythm game so i can finish my site
if anyone could help me it would be much appreciated

Link seems broken.

Seems more of a labor request. Maybe you could narrow it down with some specific questions on topic where you need advise. I’m sure you’ll find people willing to help you out with things you don’t understand, but it’s unlikely that you’ll find someone willing to code it for you.

Is there a way to add a BG i know how to do that with css but its not working right it just duplicates the image everywhere and could you also help me make the arrow creation handler,arrow moving handler, music handler, animation handler and a json reader. Thats all the stuff i need to make the game and it has to be in css,py,js,json or html. Im only struggling because im used to coding on scratch or modd.io so its difficult at this point.

That’s the default behavior in CSS, i.e. to repeat the image as a tiled pattern:


You’re probably looking for the background-repeat: no-repeat property.

That seems like a lot of work. I’m already spread thin with all my open source projects I’m trying to keep up with, but unfortunately there are only 24 per day (and we spend some sleeping too).

You should probably look for some HTML5 game engine framework that lifts the weight of all these details off your back. There are tons of free and open source HTML5 engines, or Desktop apps for creating games that can publish them as HTML.