REXX language support for TensorFlow request

Hello folks,

My name is Andrew. I am an ex-IBM Systems Programmer but now I am a Linux Engineer of late and have spent almost 40 years in IT (or EDP as we called it then).

Puch cards and all that good stuff.

You see, my favorite programming language apart from IBM 370 Assembler (no longer applicable because I can’t see me using it again) was REXX.

It’s great; I am running it now on my CentOS6 and CentOS7 32 and 64 bit systems.

I find it so much easier to code with and am suggesting that it be considered as a supported language for TensorFlow.

How do i go about making a formal request, please ?

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> How do i go about making a formal request, please ?

It sounds like you have a request for a specific project hosted on GitHub. If you have feedback or questions for a specific project, we recommend you check their README for information on where to find support or directions for how to contribute feedback. It looks like TensorFlow has contribution guidelines here.