Rewriting history: reattributing commits

Hi, GitHub support and users!

I have some questions about reattributing commits from one GitHub account to another.

To begin with, my reason for doing this: I have a micromanaging supervisor who thinks I’m not working hard enough because I haven’t made enough commits to her GitHub “work” repo, but I’ve made several commits to another “moonlighting” repo. All those commits were made with my “work GitHub account”. (I moonlight for another dept. of the same organization! :laughing:) I decided the way to squelch her complaints would be to rewrite the commit history on the moonlighting repo and attribute all of its commits to my “personal GitHub account”.

I followed some suggestions in the git book website to do just that…

So far, so good. I was able to reattribute the commits as I wanted. When I look at the moonlighting repo, I see that all commits are from my personal account.

My questions…

  1. Will the commits ever disappear from the “Contribution activity” section of my work account profile? Going back through the months, I still see lines that say “moonlighting-repo 13 commits”. I thought they’d go away, which was my primary reason for doing this history rewrite. The activity on my personal account already show those commits.
  2. Why doesn’t my personal account profile image appear beside commits in my git client? The git client I use, Sourcetree by Atlassian, used to show my work account profile image beside my commits. Now the commits are from my personal account, it doesn’t show the profile image from that account beside the commits. I know, this isn’t exactly related to GitHub and it’s probably a minor, cosmetic issue, but it makes me feel like maybe I’d done something wrong in this process.

Thanks in advance! :bow: