Rewards for sponsors, how? Differential tiering for second-world sponsors?

I have two questions that weren’t answered by readily available documentation.

First, my country’s taxation environment requires a quid pro quo in sponsorship (as on Github Sponsors). Are there mechanisms in Github itself that I could use to automatically reward sponsors at different tiers, e.g. without adding read-only access to a private development repository manually for each sponsor at a certain tier? Perhaps an API for which I could roll my own tools?

Second, if I were to set tiers according to what’s reasonable value for “rich americans”, I’d outright exclude billions of people in e.g. East Europe, South America, Africa, SEA, the Indian subcontinent, and so forth. Since most of my planned rewards are by nature information only and therefore replicable for no cost to me, that seems like the type of injustice that would tend to amplify existing global inequities for no good reason. Beyond making core sponsorship rewards generally available after a delay, is there any way to offer discounts to economically disadvantaged and/or geographically underprivileged people?

Thanks, -KS