Reviewing Pull Requests step 7

I have tried to complete this training 3 times and I continue to have the same issue. At the end of step 7 where I approve a suggested change I am left with the error " This branch has conflicts that must be resolved". I have deleted the repository from previous attempts and the problem persists. Am I missing something in my completion?

Hi @msolwold! I’m not quite sure why you’re getting a merge conflict, but I see how you’re blocked from being able to merge. 

Luckily, resolving merge conflicts isn’t as scary as it sounds. I recommend reading this GitHub Help article about merge conflicts.

Then, once the merge conflict is resolved, you should be able to merge and complete the course. Let me know if you have any more questions, and thank you for your patience! 

Thank you @brianamarie that worked! It is odd though, the conflict was nearly everything in the READme file. To complete the training I needed to delete the text that the guide wanted to add to the file. 

Either way, I was able to complete it, thank you!

I’m getting the same. Had to manually resolve the conflict and then was able to continue on. I deleted the course and tried again: Same thing.

Hi @we7u! I’m looking for your repository, but I’m finding that you’ve completed the Reviewing Pull Requests course. If you’re still having trouble and would like some help, please feel free to post a link to the pull request or issue and I’ll take a look. :) 

Yea, ran through the course twice, then deleted it after each completion. The instructions didn’t quite match. I think I had a similar experience on another course I took Friday but don’t recall now which one. I’m not in dire straights so skip on to helping the next person. I’ll figure out whatever I need to know as I go along.