Reviewing Pull Requests: Fixing Your Pull Request

Good day. I’m on this activity pasted below this paragraph and I can’t move past it. When I go to my pull request, I don’t see any comments. I suspect the bot isn’t providing the default comment. If you could help me figure out this problem, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Good pull requests help contributors understand the context. They have a body description detailing the suggested change.

Let’s edit this pull request to add a body description.

:keyboard: Activity: Fixing your pull request

  1. The first comment on your pull request will have the default text of No description provided . Click octicon-kebab-horizontal in the top right corner of the comment box to make an edit.
  2. Add a description of the changes you’ve made in the comment box. Feel free to add a description of what you’ve accomplished so far. As a reminder, you have:
  • Left reviews and line comments
  • Created a file and made a commit
  • Opened a pull request
  1. Click the green Update comment button at the bottom right of the comment box when done.

If you would like help troubleshooting, create a post on the GitHub Community board. You might also want to search for your issue to see if other people have resolved it in the past.

@ShieldRich At first glance it looks as though everything is as expected. You’ll need to edit the body of your pull request. Currently it is reflecting *No description provided and you’ll need to edit that body to add content so that the bot progresses.