Review sentences bug for Esperanto and italiano bug

I not speak english, sorry

Ok. You can write in your native language then, you’ll surely find many users who’ll understand you. But if you don’t pose a question, how can they answer you?

PS: Welcome on board!

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Thanks, I finally managed to explain my problem.
Good day!

Good to read that!

By the way, I’m a native Italian speaker, so feel free to buzz me (i.e. mention me via @tajmone) in your posts if you need communicating in Italian. (since you mentioned Italian in the title)

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Cher Tajmone, je lis et conprends l’italien, mais je ne le parle presque pas, désolé.
Bonne journée!

same problem here, I can read and understand French, but can’t write it.

and to you! — Ciao!