Review my projects

So I’m new to github , 

And I want to know if someone can review my little projects and give me a feedback . 
Thank you . 

Hi @adeniss00,

Welcome to the Github Community Forum!

You have 3 project in your account, what project you need to get a review?


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All of them . 

My first reaction was you need to add a one-sentence description to each repository. I.e. this is what I see when I first look at one:


The one-sentence description is a ‘teaser’ to attract the viewer’s attention. It will also appear in the list of pinned repositories, giving the viewer a good overview.

My second reaction was that ‘BoardGame’ looks incomplete: should there be a .csproj file? A person should be able to clone and build your project immediately.

Speaking of which, what is required to build/run these programs? Visual Studio Code? Dotnet? (which version?) All useful information to be in the

A good first effort, looking forward to seeing some larger projects some day!