Reverted changes are persistent in GitHub diff

I want to check all changes I have in branch but I got only changes let say from last reverted merged.


  1. Branch was merged to main br.
  2. Reversion commit (to this merge) was made.
  3. Additional changes to minor branch were made.

Now (GitHub) diff between main and minor branch shows changes to point 1. Not to point 0.

I need to delete the merge from Git history, right?

Hi @jiricepelkafirstline,

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If the merge is done by only one commit you can see what it had changed by using the github web user interface by click in the “### Commits”:

and search for your marge commit:

The new page shows every change made by that commit.

Hope to solve your problem :slight_smile:


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Hi @wabri,

you don’t understand me. I edited the questioned. Please check again.