Reusable Workflows: bug?

Reusing workflows - GitHub Docs doesn’t say anything about this limitation.

[actions] reuse common workflows · inspect-js/is-arguments@e7934b3 · GitHub and [actions] reuse common workflows · inspect-js/is-arguments@e7934b3 · GitHub are both failing with Called workflows cannot be queued onto self-hosted runners across organisations/enterprises. Failed to queue this job.

This isn’t a stated limitation, and I’m not sure why it makes a difference. In particular, the first reusable workflow is expected to create about 125 jobs (the second, 94), give or take a few, which is much less than the (weirdly small and arbitrary given i can add as many workflow files as i want) 256-job-per-workflow limit.

Why is this job not completing successfully?

Same as 'ubuntu-latest' runner not found when using workflow_call between repositories

It seems, the github actions service assumes if you hit the concurrency limit of 20 jobs in a repository that you are using a self-hosted runner in a called workflow.

Then the beta limitation: no self-hosted runner support causes any job which hit your concurrency limit to fail. I expect this will be fixed once this limitation is removed with the General Availability of this feature ( Reusing workflows - GitHub Docs )

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