Retrieving the last year of commit activity data

According to GitHub documentation, you can retrieve the last year of commit activity data PER repository by GET /repos/owner/repo/stats/commit_activity. This can be done by:

var request = require('request');var options ={ url:'\_activity', headers:{'User-Agent':'request'}};function callback(error, response, body){var jsonBody = JSON.parse(body); console.log(JSON.stringify(jsonBody,null,2));}request(options, callback);

Another example you can retrieve the weekly commit count for the repository owner and everyone else by GET /repos/owner/repo/stats/participation but it is still done PER repository, which is not what I want.

The problem is I need the commit activity of  each week  of last year for ALL the repositories (excluding and including collaborators). How is this done?

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There isn’t a single API call for what you’re asking. You would have to use the appropriate API for listing the repositories for a user or organization and then iterate through each one with the code you already have. Be certain to craft your code to keep within the rate limits. I would also recommend, if this is something you’re going to be doing regularly, caching or storing the results so that you’re not recalculating things already calculated.

I hope that helps!