Retrieving bot data via API

Basically, why can I not search issues made by or commented on by bots?
For example,[bot]
I can’t find any information on this and why this is the case.

Only once I already have identified a comment/issue from a bot, I can request data on it via the API. But I need to find a way to identify them first.

I can return mine without authentication, which I think is the problem at first

I’m checking dependabot

the big question is, is the bot considered a user? which I think is the problem,

Thanks for responding! Yeah, it works with users. The problem it does not work with bots (or organizations). Beware that dependabot is considered an organization, and dependabot[bot] is a user/bot. But even if dependabot[bot] is not considered a user (in fact, the API suggest it’s of type Bot, not User), why can we not search for content from type Bot? No workarounds available for this problem?

yup I’m aware of the two, the reason why I’m focusing on dependabot is because that might be allowed, which is still not,

how about labels? because the bot creates label/s

for example at this case dependencies,

then you will have a workaround code that will check whether there is the participant (a real user) or it’s just the bot

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Thanks! Something to consider for sure. I also found a dataset with about 500 bot accounts and the repositories they were found in. Surely helpful, but there is still a gap in between that and bot comment data, what I am really after.

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