Restrict access to GitHub issues to collaborators

Currently, our repository has its issue tracker disabled (for years) because most issues created were not about problems/feature requests but support requests. For support requests, we have a dedicated website/forum. But that forum it not good to manage issue tracking as GitHub issues are.

Then, it would be nice if we could enable our GitHub issue tracker to restrict access only to collaborators/contributors permanently. Nowadays we can almost do that with Limiting interactions in your repository, however:

  1. It resets every 24 hours, requiring us to set up a bot/script to daily activate.
  2. It blocks everybody from commenting on existent issues (for now, we only need to restrict the creation of new issues).
  3. It also restricts pull-requests creation which is bad for new contributors, blocking them from opening open pull-requests.

In the first moment, the restrictions to the Issue Tracker would be only for new issues creation (for non-contributors). While allowing everybody else to comment on existing issues. Eventually, we would evaluate whether users would start posting support requests as comments on existent issues. And if this spamming becomes frequent, we also would need to restrict comments posting only for contributors/collaborators.

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