Restoring Stash Problem

I have gotten myself into a major problem and I don’t know how to fix it. I was working on a Java project in Eclipse with egit and had some changes committed locally and some uncomitted. I needed to restore an older version from my remote temporarily. I stashed my uncomitted changes then checked out the old version. When I was done, I tried to get back to where I was originally and that is were I am in trouble. I checked out the original local version then tried to apply the stashed changes. When I did that I got an insane number of conflicts where there should have been none. I am not too familiar with command line git but I suspect I need to do something there rather than via Eclipse. Can someone help untangle this mess. I know you will need more information but I don’t know what that might be. TIA.

It occurs to me that I took a backup yesterday. Can I restore just the git folder or do I need to restore other folders as well such as the eclipse workspace, etc.? Will that get me into even more trouble?

I did a restore of just the git directory (I’ll leave fixing Eclipse for later) and now need help understanding what I am seeing. I’ll put this on a new thread.