Restore old version of a local file

Hi Git community!

I have made a serious mistake this morning typing git checkout . command and I definitely need your help to make me save almost a week of redoing my work.
Let me explain my issue to you:

I am working on the master branch (alone on the project).
I have a week of local changes in my projects not staged and not committed.
I typed the “git commit .” followed by “git pull origin master” commands by mistakes (I was not in the project I intentended to be)
Meaning that it erased all my work with the last version of my repository.
But I can’t undo the action such the current work was not commited.

Is there any super hero that could help me restore my unstagged/uncommited files ?
Thanks !

if that is submitted through a pull request, you can revert it at GitHub Web UI

I’m afraid not, the thing that would help here is a backup on your side. Git does not record your changes in any way until to stage, commit, or stash them. Only commits create a permanent record, stash and stage at least until you do something else with it.

Unfortunately no, I have only access to the version committed on Github Web UI. I have also downloaded the desktop client, but there is no way to check the modification erased with the previous git checkout . > git pull origin master I guess