Restore deleted repository have been forked

I deleted my repository today by mistake, i want to restore it,but i can not as it is not appear in the deleted repositories list, maybe because it have been forked,what is the solution?
my account is AlaaHam91
Repository name is PHP examples,public repo

Sadly I’m pretty sure you’re out of luck. That’s why they’ve made repo deletion so many steps.

  1. The button is in an area called “Danger Zone” with a red outline (granted that doesn’t do much if you’re color blind).
  2. The dialog that comes up after you click “Delete this repository” has multiple warnings:
  3. It tells you it can’t be undone. You have to enter the repo name. Then click another button.
  4. If I recall correctly you then need to enter your password to finish the process.

I understand mistakes happen, but GitHub did everything they could to dissuade you from deleting the repo :slight_smile:

If you’re worried about branches or PRs hopefully you still have those locally. So you can re-fork and then push them back to origin.

no dear, i don’t have them locally,i have been formatted my laptop