restarting single job and individual steps


Are there any plans on supporting restarting single job in a workflow and individual step in a job?

Use case for restarting single job:

  • Currently we are using GH Actions for CI that builds our library for both Java 8 and Java 11 targets. Occassionally one of the jobs hangs due to some environment issue (i.e. times out waiting to start up) so we need to restart the whole workflow instead of just single job.

Use case for restarting individual step:

  • We are publishing our libraries to multiple repositories (i.e. Sonatype and Gradle Plugin Portal). If one of them fails it leads to partial broken release and we cannot automatically re-release same version as one of the repositories will complain that version of the artifact was already released - this is the correct behavior as we don’t want to publish potentially different artifacts with the same version. It would be great if we could re-run individual steps as then we could split up our publish task into separate steps that could be individually re-run.



Hi @dariuszkuc ,

Thank you for being here! Regarding to the new feature of Github actions, it’s recommended to raise a ticket here for confirmation, github product manager will take a review and help to answer.


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