Restart issues from 1

I want to import issues from another repository (gitea). I would like to be able to retry the import if I make a mistake so the idea is that I try it out and if it fails or is not perfectly done I’d like to reimport them from the beginning. Since commit and issue messages refer to issues via indexes it would be really good if I could be able to restart the numbering of new issues from 1 instead of from max(issue)+1.

I have tried:

  1. deletion of issues (even if issues are deleted apparently the max issue number is remembered somewhere so it continues from the previous max number+1)
  2. turning off and then turning on of the issue integration in project settings (same issue, max index is remembered somewhere)

The only way I can think of is deleting the entire repository and then recreating it from scratch “until it works”, but it seems wasteful. Is there a way of doing it in a better way?

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I don’t know any way to handle this. I can see your points but it’s basically not important if there is a 1 or a 100.