REST V3 API to fetch samlIdentity nameId attribute


Could you please help in pointing to relevant REST API V3 to fetch ‘samlIdentity nameId’ attribute of a GitHub user belonging to particular organization?

I found relvant Graphql API v4 to achieve this. But due to some technical reasons at my end, I would have to stick to REST API V3 and I’m not able to find relevant REST API V3 to achieve this.

I found this API - “<<org_name>>/members”, but it doesn’t return samlIdentity nameId attribute in the response.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @jagijan!

The ExternalIdentitySamlAttributes object in our GraphQL v4 API doesn’t have an equivalent in our v3 REST API.

We have put together a guide on migrating from REST to GraphQL if this would be beneficial.

If you can provide more information on the blockers for GraphQL in your application, perhaps we can help overcome those?