REST v3 API combined status for a specific ref always returning as pending for certain repositories

I’m trying to use the combined status ref described here but am noticing descrepancies between what the API returns and what’s displayed on’s UI.

For example, for, the response comes back with "state": "pending" and an empty array of statuses, yet the web UI clearly shows that there are 4 succeeding checks for this commit:

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 11.08.11 AM.png


I’m seeing this for every commit in this repository, so it’s not just that there’s a delay in status reporting. I don’t see this for other repositories I’ve tried. The repo in question is public.

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Hi @rmacfarlane,

Thanks for being here! Our apologies for the delay. Could you please send us the full output of a curl -v request that demonstrates the problem?

That should help us investigate the issue. Also, please make sure you mask any sensitive information like OAuth tokens and Authorization headers in the output of the curl command. Please send the output to And include a link to this thread to give support some background on the ticket.

I hope this helps!