REST API v3 Projects API via Personal Access Token

Is it possible to access these resouces via a personal access token?

If so, what permissions do I need to have on my PAT, and whate permissions do I need to have at the Org/Project/Repo level?

I’m currently getting this: 

https://(removed)/api/v3/projects/41/columns: 403 Must have admin rights to Repository. []

I currently am an Admin at the organization level.

The project I am trying to access has Organization member permission set to admin.

There are 5 repos linked to the project, each project has a team that is a collaborator that I am a part of, and the team has admin rights.

Any help trying to figure this out is greatly appreciated.


I’ve narrowed this down to 


Returning me back an empty array. 

I found a CardID and tried this:


and recieved 403 Must have admin rights to Repository.

I’m starting to think this functionality does not work the way I think it should.

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Hi @yairgo,

I’ve read through the information that you’ve provided. Could you give a bit more background context for what you’re trying to accomplish? Maybe I can put together a test case and help you out.


I ended up figuring this out. There was a combination of not having correct access rights and me trying to construct urls by hand. The ID for ogs/(org name)/projects/:project_id is not the same as the project_id used /api/v3/projects/:project_id/columns.
So I kept getting unauthorized errors when I was not expecting them.