REST and OAuth API support timelines

I’ve heard some rumors that GitHub is planning to deprecate or even completely remove the REST (v3) and OAuth APIs, in favor of GraphQL (v4) and Apps.  Some have insisted that a complete removal may happen as soon as 12-18 months from now.

Is there a timeline you can share with respect to the deprecation or removal of the REST and OAuth APIs?

If not, can you make a public commitment as to the minimum duration for which you will support the REST and OAuth APIs in their current state?  (With the understanding that new features may not be backported, of course.)

If you can’t make statements about either of the above at this time, are you able to say when we might expect such a statement?

I realize that GraphQL and Apps are the future, but they’re still missing a lot of functionality and having some timelines for the migration would help a lot with planning on my side.  Thanks!

Thanks for reaching out.

No, we do not have a timeline for when or even if the REST and OAuth APIs will be deprecated or removed. No, we can’t make any promises or commitments to a minimum duration for support for those APIs. And, no, we can’t make a prediction as to when or if we might make a minimum support duration statement.

I hope that covers all the bases :grinning: Please let us know if you have more questions.

Thanks for the answer Lee.  Having some kind of timeline or minimum commitment would be extremely useful for app developers, who are otherwise left with only worrisome rumors.  Perhaps you could surface this issue upwards if you get a chance at some point?  Thanks.

Yes, I’ll definitely pass along the request for more information.