"Resource not accessible by integration" when trying to get issues


I’m trying to get the “Issues” from a repository using the Github API, but it is returning this message with status code 403:

Resource not accessible by integration

This is the URL I’m trying to access:


I have a valid access_token (scopes: repo, notifications and read:org) that I’m using to get my repositories with success.

Am I doing something wrong?

I’ll be very grateful for your help. Thanks!

Hi @tiagosilvapereira,

Thanks for being here, and apologies for the delayed response. Are you still experiencing this issue? I’m able to see your first issue using that call. To retrieve all issues: 

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Hi @andreagriffiths11 I think the problem was with the lib used to generate the token because I created a personal token with the correct scopes and it worked very well.

Thanks by responding.

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Oh good, I’m glad you got it working!