Resource not accessible by integration for branch protection API

Hi, we are using github enterprise 2.15.9 and I have a github app that is trying to get branch protection settings for a repo it is installed on. The app has “_ Read access to administration, metadata, and repository hooks_” which from suggests the app should be able to access “GET /repos/:owner/:repo/branches/:branch/protection (:read)”. But I am getting the following error when trying to do so, any help or advice? Many thanks.

403 {'message': 'Resource not accessible by integration', 'documentation_url': ''}
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Hi @cleslie,

Our apologies for the delayed response and thanks for being here. I think to better assist you with this query we’d need to have support troubleshoot it directly. Could you please send us the full output of a curl -v request that demonstrates the problem?

That should help us investigate the issue. Also, please make sure you mask any sensitive information like OAuth tokens and Authorization headers in the output of the curl command. Please send the output to And include a link to this thread to give support some background on the ticket.