"Resource not accessible by integration" for adding a comment to a PR via action

I think its to do with this, looks like context gives details on the issue, but i want the PR


its used by this project:


The benchmark action works fine when i PR:


But fails for everyone else:



looks like it’s the GitHub token being read only on forked repos.

why can’t we allow forked repos to post on the issues?

this is really needed for my benchmarks action to post feedback to incoming PRs.

i don’t see how it’s a security risk as it’s just an issue comment.

can we allow this? 


https://github.com/danger/danger-js/issues/918 looks like a similar problem :frowning:

Any GitHub people care to respond to this? I have a simple test exhibiting this problem – https://github.com/stupid-org/stupid/pull/2/checks?check_run_id=499551656#step:5:8

My ultimate goal is precisely the same as the OP’s: I want to run a benchmark suite and attach the results to the PR thread as a comment. This needs to be possible when the PR originates from a fork.


Is this issue resolved now?