Resource not accessible by integration - assigning author

I am using
and my workflow is:

name: 'Auto Author Assign'
    types: [opened, reopened]
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: auto-author-assign
        uses: toshimaru/auto-author-assign@v1.1.2
          repo-token: "${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}"

When there is a new PR, the action fails to assign the PR to the person who sent it. See for example:

the error says:

Run toshimaru/auto-author-assign@v1.1.2
    repo-token: ***
Error: Resource not accessible by integration

You need to use pull_request_target to allow forks to have access to the token.

Thanks for your reply. Does that mean I need to create a personal access token?
EDIT: I’ve found this page

No, a pull_request workflow from a fork won’t have access to the PAT secret either. A pull_request_target workflow does, and does get a GITHUB_TOKEN with write access. The idea is that the workflow for pull_request_target is already trusted code on the target branch, just make sure not to give any untrusted code from the pull request access to secrets or token.