Resource not accessible by integratio - when requesting team memberships

Hi, I try to check if a user belongs to a team during a CI workflow [GitHub Action].

I use the following request using the GITHUB_TOKEN to check if the user belongs to a team

GET /orgs/:org/teams/:team_slug/memberships/:username


When I start using the request, the team visibility was set to ‘Secret’, and thought this was the source of my troubles. But since I set the team visibility to ‘Visible’, but I still got a 403 return with the message “Resource not accessible by integration”.

I wonder if it’s just a synchronization issue [I’ve waited ~15 minutes] or if that resource is simply not accessible at all during integration and I should try using a personal token instead of the integration one?

thanks for your help


from what I see a Personal Access Token is required in order to access team membership