Resolving a conversation in a review comment deletes draft reply

Hi there!

Just an unexpected behavior report.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I open a PR
  2. Someone reviews and comments on a line of code
  3. I type in a reply but I don’t click “Comment” yet
  4. I click “Resolve conversation” below the reply box
  5. The conversation is resolved and minimized
    • https: [slash slash] i.imgur [dot] com/2DwgNl8.png
  6. I open it back up and my comment is gone

Expected behavior

Either I can open up the conversation and my draft reply is still there, or the conversation isn’t minimized when I resolve it but still have text in the “Leave a comment” box. Or maybe I’m not allowed to resolve a conversation while having text in the box? Not sure. But the current behavior caused me to lose work a few times now when writing a comment that also resolves the conversation.


PS: limitations on number of embedded screenshots and links in a post makes in really hard to post detailed bug reports with pictures


Hello @qubist and welcome to the Community!

I agree, that this flow’s intention is not super obvious. May be even a little buggy. I am not sure of the best way to remedy this, but I will bring this up to our design team to get the conversation started.

Thanks for your detailed notes here.

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+1 on a fix for this. Personally I’ve been “commenting” and hitting the “resolve conversation” button thinking it was also submitting the comment. Since it minimizes the conversation, I was thinking that my co-workers were getting these comments, but instead they were just seeing me close conversation without doing anything to actually resolve them. Making me look like a jerk.

Disabling the resolve button (or warning me when pressing it) when there’s a draft comment would resolve what is a very bad user experience for me.

I just ran into this issue as well. It’d be great to have some sort of warning even just keeping the draft comment around when clicking “Resolve Conversation”.