Resolve PR conflicts in an action?

One of my actions creates a branch, modifies some files on in, commits the changes and creates a PR to a target branch.

The PR has conflicts with the target branch. I want to ignore the conflicts and use the contents in the source branch, not the target branch.

Can I do it from an action?

There are two places I would see it possible, but I am unsure if it is doable at all:

  • in the action that creates the PR, create PR and indicate how conflicts should be resolved (but I found no option for that)
  • create a new action that triggers when PR is created and resolves conflicts there (I would think this is the best approach, but I have no idea about what git magic or github api to use)

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

It is a limitation that workflow is not triggered for ‘pull_request’ event if conflicts exist. Sorry about that!

There is a similar topic that discusses this: Run actions on Pull Requests with merge conflicts

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