Resolve conflicts with a pull request (I am a noob at this)

I am at this page is my repository:

I downloaded github desktop to cherry pick and resolve conflicts, but I click on the link where it says “You can also [open this in GitHub Desktop]”. An error message comes up in the app that says “A branch with that name already exists”. How do I resolve this?

Hello @will2asher,

According to others that have experienced the same issue, it looks like the branch ‘master’ is clashing since there’s already a ‘master’ branch, however I could be wrong. @shiftkey explains the issue here. I’ll put his quote below:

Yeah, there’s repetitions of the same error in here:

2018-04-25T12:43:38.725Z - error: [ui] `git -c credential.helper= checkout --progress overleaf/master -b master --` exited with an unexpected code: 128.
fatal: A branch named 'master' already exists.

I gather that the existing master is tracking origin/master or something similar.

A potential solution for this would be to, in cases where an existing local branch exists and will clash, use the convention {remote}-{branch} when the user wants to checkout the same branch from another remote.

I would think that changing the branch would fix the error that you’re experiencing. Would you try changing the branch name to something other than ‘master’ and see if that fixes the error? Here’s a guide on GitHub on how to do that.

Let me know if this fixes the error that you’re having or if you’re still experiencing the same issue.

Nicholas Hickam

That fixes that issue. (I hope I don’t need to make a new thread for me next questions.)
I’m trying to cherry pick commits in Github Desktop, I click ‘open in editor’ to open the file in Visual Studio (when I thought I would be able to do this in Github Desktop), but it isn’t showing me what changes I need to resolve. How I do I see the changes I need to resolve?