Resetting authentication settings on work account

Hello I am experiencing issues passing the 2FA to get into my github account associated with my work email. I created this account a year ago when I was an intern and set up my 2FA to get in successfully. My internship concluded and my email was deleted from our company systems and I deleted my 2FA apps, however my github account was never deleted.

Now upon starting full-time a new email instance with the same address has been created for me at work. When I tried to setup github it says an account already exists due to me creating my account the year before. However, when I login it asks for a 2FA code that I no longer have access to. I don’t have my recovery codes from either, unfortunately. I am hoping that support can help me and reset my auth settings or allow me to delete my account to recreate it.

Has anyone else experienced this? I have reached out to support but it has been awhile with no response. I am effectively useless at work until I can gain access to this account.

This documentation page lists the options you have: Recovering your account if you lose your 2FA credentials - GitHub Docs

If you do not have any of the alternative recovery options mentioned there it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get the account back.