[Reset/Disable 2FA]-Lost phone and old recovery-code unusable

Hello folks, 

I have a question concerning the 2FA, I’m in a tricky situation, and I need help. 

Here is what happened : 

-> I lost my phone with the 2FA Google Autheticator app. 

-> My recovery-code.txt codes are not working, I guess I generated new ones before and didn’t save the new file or whatever else, I don’t really know, but fact is that the recovery codes that I have on my laptop are not working. 

-> I still have my phone number, I bought a new sim card, so I still have access to my number and can get SMS.

-> I, of course, know my password and email and still have access to them. 

-> I’m still connected to Github Desktop, but I didn’t found anything to disabled 2FA or get new recovery codes from it.

My question is : How can Github support team disabled for me 2FA temporarly or sending me new recovery code ? I mean, I have all the proofs needed, ID, mail, password, I can tell them the last branch where I pushed something on private repository… 

I contacted Github Support last week and they still didn’t contacted me. I didn’t even received a confirmation mail that my request was received… 

Thanks for the help, 

Hi @mayoudp,

As mentioned in that other post, you’ll need to reach out to private support for help with this. We can’t discuss specific account details in the public forum. Please hang in there as we’ve experienced a high volume of support requests last week.