Rerun GitHub Desktop Tutorial

I am new to Git, GitHub, and GitHub Desktop.

I just installed GitHub Desktop and noticed an earlier version had already been installed and configured.

The next step, according to the online documents is to
“Create a Tutorial Repository and Clone it”.

Having already been configured, I assume whoever installed GitHub Desktop for me just blew past the Tutorial. That blue box is not there for me to click.

Is there some way I can run the TuUtorial so I can learn how to use GitHub Desktop?

@richardpaulhall Many students in my class have this same issue, but for some of them there never was an earlier version installed/configured on their machine in our computer labs. I’m also unsure how to bring back the option to create the tutorial repository from the “Let’s Get Started!” men - we’ve tried to clear/sign/remove everything we could think of without any luck. Will post again if I figure it out!