Required GitHub Actions Not Working

This is what happens when my required actions don't work...

I recently moved some jobs from one workflow to another that I wanted to run conditionally. GitHub Actions does not support “conditional” required checks on a PR, so if you use the built-in path filters on your workflow and require jobs from that workflow, the PRs will always be in a state of “CI Limbo” and waiting for that job to complete, which it never will.

You can see that the actions I want to require are indeed being run, but I believe GitHub actions is confusing the job I specified in my required checks for the job with the same name in a different workflow. One thing to note is that the “app” job is a matrix and runs on multiple OSes, which differentiates it from the “web” job (also originating from the same separate workflow). So that might have something to do with the issue I’m experiencing here?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not able to read anything on your screenshots.

In the required checks configuration you need to select the exact jobs by their names (unfortunately without the workflow prefix), so if you have a matrix job, each instance of that job is a separate check and the default name is the job YAML id + matrix values in parentheses.

AFAIK, you can’t just make app required and expect all matrix “sub”-jobs/checks to be required. This is an annoying limitation of the current configuration UI. If you want to do that, there are workarounds, of course.

Thanks @laughadelic, that seemed to work! It’s weird that I can even use the app job at all, because it seems like that job will never complete according to GHA…